We've Got Eyes in the Sky

Get a better view with commercial drone services in South Bend, Elkhart and Mishawaka, IN

Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV), or drones, provide Private Investigators with litigation support to attorney’s and insurance companies by providing aerial photos as real time evidence. Many attorneys rely on Google Earth as their only option of a crash scene from an aerial prospective. PSI provides attorneys with current footage providing real time information for litigation support and evidence collection.
The problem with using images from Google Earth is you have no idea when the image was taken (since they upload their photos periodically). Attorneys have had issues proving to the Court that the image(s) were never altered, but UAV, or drone, images taken by a Private Investigator allows real time imagery that can be validated in Court.
Example: using Google Earth compared to the use of PSI’s UAV ariel photography during a civil court case could show how a construction vehicle caused damage to pedestrian walkway that ultimately caused a person to trip and fall. By using Google Earth you have their latest image uploaded and that might not show any damage to the walkway, whereas using our UAV we can provide the most resent view of the scene.
Aerial video showing traffic patterns can be used for civil trials, criminal trials and Commercial uses. Using our UAV on the construction of an existing roadway that causes lane closures can be monitored periodically throughout the construction phase. PSI can set up a “Portable Visual Station” at any construction site giving supervisors live streaming video and thereby the ability to adjust a traffic pattern immediately should problems arise.
So, the use of PSI’s Unmanned Ariel Vehicle, or drone, has several options for usage. These options are based on each incident request and how it falls within the FAA rules, Federal, State and Local laws.

Improve your investigation with the help of a drone

Drones have the ability to go places and see things that you can't on your own. Here are a few ways you can use our drones' capabilities to strengthen your case or investigation:

  • Monitor public safety
  • Analyze car accidents
  • Take aerial shots of intersections
  • Complete construction inspections
  • Gauge crowd size and activity at events

Discuss your commercial drone needs with Professional Security and Investigations, LLC and we'll help you find what you're looking for.